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Chapter Policies


AMA Iowa is often asked by members and unaffiliated organizations to share information or promote their events to our email list. This protocol is designed to streamline the process of how these requests are handled and to ensure that AMA Iowa is consistent and objective in handling these requests.


AMA Iowa will only consider requests for promotion of events from: (1) current members, or (2) member organizations or organizations that are providing reciprocal value for AMA Iowa members.

Criteria Considered

To maintain consistency and transparency in this process, AMA Iowa will consider, but is not limited to, the following criteria:

  • What value does this opportunity provide our members?
  • Is this something members want to know or information they would be interested in?
  • Is it consistent with AMA Iowa’s mission?
  • Does this information provide an opportunity to learn, link and lead?
  • What is being requested?
    • An email promoting something from AMA Iowa [1]
    • A request that an event be promoted verbally at another event
    • Sharing the information on AMA Iowa’s social media channels
    • Other


  1. Organization or member shall make a request in writing to a member of the AMA Iowa Executive Leadership Team (President, President-Elect, Past President or Secretary) or one of the committee Vice Presidents on the AMA Iowa Board. Organization or member shall make every effort to make this request six to eight weeks prior to the event.
  2. AMA Iowa Board member presents opportunity to board at a board meeting.

[1] Note: AMA Iowa will not provide its membership or prospect list to other organizations.


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