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What They're Saying

AMA Iowa has fans in every corner of the local marketing community. Here's what they've told us about the value of our association.

Professional Members

  • Being a member of the AMA Iowa board is one of the best things I have ever done professionally. AMA Iowa provides me with networking and top-notch education in the Des Moines market. It has also given me an opportunity to grow and develop as a marketer, along with meeting new colleagues and making great friends. -- Angela Ten Clay
  • My volunteer experience has been great with AMA Iowa. I have met many new people and have been able to be involved in multiple committees, which has helped me with my overall understanding of AMA. Both have benefitted me and my employer by allowing me to gather even more information than if I had only participated instead of gotten fully involved. -- Amber Harrison
  • What a wonderful meeting! So touching and inspiring. It's always a tough call for me when there are several meetings on the same day. But this was the right choice. Great job! -- Gayle Welter
  • My involvement in AMA Iowa, first as a sponsor and now as a board member, has given me a personal connection to some of the brightest marketing minds in Iowa. -- Kelly Moore, Public Relations Consultant
  • As I look back over the past nine years that I have been a member, it’s a conglomeration of everything that AMA offers that has allowed me to evolve and grow as a marketing professional. Thanks AMA! -- Georgann Smith
  • I enjoy the membership as a way to network in Des Moines. Almost all of my clients are located on the east or west coast, so this gives me an opportunity to meet folks in my community. The monthly speakers are a good way to learn new ideas. -- Clint Crain

Student Members

  • We would like to thank you for all of the help you have provided for us. We truly enjoy the luncheons and programs, especially the most recent program, the Agency Crawl. Thank you for taking the time to help us out and making our chapter better every day. -- Eryn Swain

AMA Iowa Sponsors

  • The luncheon on content marketing was terrific! We are so impressed with AMA Iowa's programming. It has changed so much in the last two years...VERY well done! -- Carole Chambers

Iowa Marketing Professionals

  • Thanks for organizing the Agency Crawl. It was a great mix that represented the different Des Moines agency perspectives, philosophies and approaches well. We found it to be a valuable event that gave us a great chance to introduce ourselves, explain how we're different and perhaps create a few advocates. -- Gina Adam



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