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We are marketing to goldfish

Posted on 11/29/2016 at 3:49 PM

By Kyle Plummer

Okay, I’m going to finish this blog before lunch (which is fifteen minutes from now). As a new word document opens, my mind starts thinking about the endless possibilities for topics. My mind suddenly takes a detour out my office window to a man pacing along the sidewalk making a business call. Instantly, I check my own phone for any messages. Hmm. Nothing. I think to myself, “I’m going to jump on Facebook quickly since my phone is up.” Facebook moves to email, which then moves back to fixating on the man pacing outside my window. All of a sudden I notice my stomach getting louder – it’s time to eat.
How often does this happen to you? It happens to me so frequently I have gone numb to realizing it is happening.
As marketers, these are the type of people we are dealing with (I mean that in the nicest way possible). I’ve seen several articles on the human attention span in the past year and it never escapes my mind. All of the research I’ve seen agrees we have gone from an attention span of about 12 seconds in 2000 to eight seconds today. Incredible. Our attention span is now compared to that of a goldfish, and they are believed to be a notch above us at nine seconds.
What does this mean for modern day marketers?
It certainly has a lot of implications. We must be more interesting, more concise and more visual.
The ad you placed in a local publication? If you were flipping through the pages, would you pay attention and seek to understand what it is telling you?
What about your company “About Video?” Does it engage quickly enough and give the audience enough reason to continue watching?
How many billboards do we see that we cannot read? Way too much small text.
Marketers already battle for the attention of consumers who are learning to tune advertising out. Now that attention is becoming even more elusive as technology makes us dangerously distracted. Not to mention that everyone is busier than ever. I’m not going to make this any longer than it needs to be but I want to leave you with one question.
What are you going to do with your 8 seconds?

A little talk about the new location for our Social Media Discussion Group

Posted on 11/22/2016 at 3:25 PM

Due to the continuing popularity of the AMA Iowa Social Media Discussion Group, we will be meeting in a new location beginning this month.

Having outgrown our previous location, we will be meeting at Skyline Dynovia at 2111 Dixon Street in Des Moines on Thursday, November 17 from 7 am to 8 am.
This month’s theme is Sharing Ideas for Gaining & Engaging Followers. Attendance is free and open to everyone and AMA Iowa will provide coffee and pastries. However, registration is required. Please RSVP by November 15.

Have you registered for Q&AMA? Answer yes by Wednesday.

Posted on 11/08/2016 at 12:55 PM
Registration closes for AMA Iowa’s annual trivia event, Q&AMA, on Wednesday November 9. Make sure you sign up by Noon! 
Then get ready to compete for some exciting prizes on Wednesday, November 16 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, with networking beginning at 6 pm at Jasper Winery in Des Moines. 
Registration is free for AMA Iowa members! And it’s just $10 for students and $20 for other guests. 
Teams of two to six players are welcome, or get connected with a team when you arrive. The latest rumor has last year’s champs entering again but with a different lineup. Winning the grand prize will be challenging and there will be food, fun and other prizes throughout the evening.
Learn something new and make new friends at Q&AMA. Register now.

UPDATE! Registration deadline has been moved to Friday, November 11. It's still coming up fast so make sure to register.

Free Cookies!

Posted on 11/07/2016 at 12:56 PM
Nothing will get your attention like a free cookie that’s warm from the oven. Fortunately, Dereck Lewis of Thelma’s and Brian Sauer of Saturday Mfg. gave attendees more reasons to listen to their Recipe for Building an Iconic Brand at the AMA Iowa luncheon on November 2. 
Lewis and Sauer explained how the successful client/agency relationship between the two companies has helped Thelma’s grow from a small warm cookie delivery start up into a growing regional business that’s also famous for its ice cream cookie sandwiches and operates a retail store in Des Moines’ East Village. 
Thelma’s is born
Lewis originally worked with a cookie delivery franchise that resisted his idea to expand the line into ice cream sandwiches to help lagging warm cookie sales in the summer. 
Having no experience in creating a brand, along with a very small budget, he teamed with Saturday Mfg. When the agency recommended he invest in a branding/positioning exercise, he reluctantly took the leap. Looking back, he realizes how important it was to establish his brand positioning early and gain an understanding of his direct and indirect competition, while finding an audience that would pay for a premium product. 
Recommending “joy” as the brand promise, Saturday Mfg. went to work on the new company’s identity. While Lewis was certain he wanted to name the company Thelma’s, after his 108-year-old Great Grandmother whose snickerdoodle recipe he uses, he did due diligence by considering other names and putting the name through Saturday Mfg.’s naming criteria. 
Add in a sophisticated, yet warm logo and Lewis soon realized he needed to merge the warm cookie delivery and ice cream sandwich businesses into one new brand. 
Getting the brand off the ground and out of the oven 
What do you do when you have a great identity, a premium product and almost no budget to promote it? Thelma’s and Saturday Mfg. started by making sure the product got as much exposure as possible at local events. 
Then when they hit on the idea of making the cookie delivery box look like an oven, they didn’t stop until they figured out how to produce the box on a budget. By making a larger box that held two dozen cookies at a time and moving the expense into the marketing budget, they were able to produce a piece that became a word of mouth sensation. Kudos from around the world continue to pour in and several people have asked for just the box with no cookies.
Relationship is the key
Lewis mentioned that the first few projects the companies worked on were winners, which increased his trust in Saturday Mfg. to help him make some unconventional moves. In additional, the agency amortized some costs to prove that they were willing to take some of the risk. 

Treat Others the Way You Wish to be Treated

Posted on 10/25/2016 at 12:57 PM
That was just one of the wise things Great Grandma Thelma used to say. Dereck Lewis, the owner of Thelma’s and Brian Sauer of Saturday Mfg. have followed her advice in a successful five-year client/agency relationship. 
Join them on November 2 for the AMA Iowa luncheon when they will present The Recipe for Building an Iconic Brand. You’ll hear how the two companies worked together to turn a small warm cookie delivery start up (using 107 year old Great Grandma Thelma’s recipe) into a growing regional business that’s also famous for its ice cream cookie sandwiches. 
Hear the story of the world famous oven box and how this iconic marketing piece helped propel Thelma’s as part a strong brand with a tiny advertising budget. 
You’ll not only get a taste of what makes Thelma’s so successful, you also might get to taste some free cookies. As Great Grandma Thelma always said, “It is polite to say please and thank you. It also gets you more treats.”
Make sure to register today.
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