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2021 Experience Event

Taking marketing insights, creativity, and experiences to new heights.

You’ll hear and learn from some of the industry’s best and brightest about the latest marketing trends, tactics, data, and more. By the end of the event, you’ll feel more confident to create better marketing to help enhance your customer’s engagements and experiences in 2021. 

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to rise above the challenges by being ready for the unexpected and having the flexibility to adapt and pivot when needed. This year’s event will be sure to follow the same advice.

AMA Iowa | Experience 2021 will elevate every aspect of your marketing from sales to strategies in an impactful, half-day virtual event.

For our eighth year running, you’ll hear from phenomenal award-winning speakers, virtually connect with like-minded marketers, and feel more prepared for the year ahead. Just like an in-person event, you’ll also be able to participate in one of two breakout sessions to get the most out of your morning. 

Say hello to our speakers!

Clutter Proof Marketing

Steve Lerch
President | Story Arc Consulting

Consumers have been marching on the constant path toward digital-dependence, a march exponentially accelerated by Covid-19. This trend has excited savvy-marketers obsessed with creative formats and precise targeting. As marketers and agencies now look to carve out a strategic niche or POV on the digital landscape, we see an increasing rush to adopt the latest tools in automation, machine learning, and big data. As these technologies become increasingly ubiquitous, advertisers need to find new ways to stand out. In this presentation we’ll explore how even basic technologies can be a stepping stool toward new ways of thinking. As technical excellence becomes common, creativity and an understanding of people will reign supreme. We’ll explore how common platforms like Google Analytics and simple data sets like search trends can give you the edge, if you slow down long enough to appreciate what they’re saying.

Solve the “Data Problem” with a User Story Template

Matthew D. Edwards
Chief Executive Officer | Trility

Insights you can expect to better understand:

1. How and why you need to know where all the data is housed, how it gets there, and whether it is reliable.
2. What is required to extract it, clean and normalize it, and put it in a single location so you can trust it and communicate why others can trust it.
3. How to make sure your data collection and use is industry compliant and operationally secure.
4. How do you get your data solution work done when no one in the organization wants to help you.
5. And when it’s all done but never done, how you drive marketing and sales initiatives with data-backed strategy and decisions.

The Unorthodox Guide to Content Marketing

Ian Greenleigh
Director of Marketing | data.world

How can we as marketers ask audiences to imagine a better way if our content strategies aren’t themselves imaginative? We can’t! When everyone can reach the audience you’re after, differentiation is the only way to break through. In this session, author and content strategist Ian Greenleigh will challenge you to stretch your approach beyond the standard playbook by being highly selective, intelligently unorthodox, and unusually resonant. From scraping 13 million declassified CIA files to intentionally throttling content production, he has questioned and reinvented nearly every shred of accepted content wisdom—and he’s excited to share a new framework for continuous content success.

E-Commerce Strategies: How Marketers Can Help Create Success with Input and Output

Michael Bird
CEO | Spindustry

Success in e-commerce is a result of many factors. Where we see the most missed opportunities are in (a) not having the right data to support e-commerce and (b) failing to create and review all the data that comes out of an e-commerce system. In this session, we'll help marketers understand how to define and support e-commerce efforts for their organization.

Attendees will walk away with the following:

1. An understanding of what marketing data is needed for e-commerce setup

2. An understanding of what marketing data can be revealed from e-commerce

3. Talking points around helping your organization navigate a move to e-commerce and communicating that to partners/dealers who may not be onboard

#OMG It's Almost March & We're Already Behind. 5 Critical Trends to Gear Up

Dan Tyre
Sales Director | Hubspot

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Executing Martech Strategy – A “How to” Panel with the Experts

A recent study found that 90% of organizations view marketing as the connective tissue between different lines of business based on its ownership of customer data and insights. If marketing connects a company to its customers, then marketing technology is the engine driving customer value. Marketing Technology operationalizes and drives demand across your product lineup through each of your marketing channels.

The opportunity to create value through technology has led marketing technology spend in the United States to grow from around $2 billion in 2010 to about $35 billion in 2019. Unfortunately, the sheer number of providers, as well as martech’s sometimes-awkward positioning between marketing, technology, sales and other functional units, means that marketing technology can fail to live up to its potential. During this session, our panel of experts featuring leaders from marketing technology vendors, IT service providers and local leaders, will discuss how to select and implement the right technologies to create synergy within your team. They will also offer real-world examples on how to drive value through technology while aligning people, processes and systems.

Brandon Schulte
Director of Marketing Technolog | Zirous

Mollie Bodensteiner
Team Lead, Revenue Operations | Granular

Casey's Rebrand Story

Megan Elfers
VP, Marketing & Advertising | Casey’s

Casey’s has been a beloved brand with a familiar brand logo for over fifty years. Over time, the original logo has proudly come to stand for delicious pizza and a strong community connection. The challenge for Casey’s was that the brand imagery and positioning had fallen behind the advancements made in Casey’s retail proposition. The old-fashioned logo and “famous for pizza” positioning did not match the rapidly evolving shopping proposition which included mobile ordering, a digital loyalty program and new experiences like curbside pickup and an expanding lineup of Casey’s brand products. In order to maintain relevance, Casey’s needed to contemporize the brand look and feel. With consumer insights guiding every step of the journey, learn how Casey’s moved from being a business that is “famous for pizza” to being “here for good” with a whole new, more modern look and appeal.


Thank you to all our sponsors for helping to make Experience 2021 an unforgettable event. Together we are working to elevate marketing.

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