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2017 NOVA Award Results

AMA Iowa is proud to announce the award winners from the 2017 NOVA Awards: Urban Jungle!

Thank you to all our 2017 sponsors and Iowa companies who submitted a marketing campaign! We are looking forward to hosting the 2018 NOVA Awards.

To relive all of the fun and excitement, view the 2017 NOVA Awards pictures, taken by sponsor Brent Isenberger Photography.

It’s okay to go bananas for a good concept. These advertisements certainly didn’t monkey around though. They executed a perfect message blend for their audiences.

Best of Category - GICU Zombie Humor TV Spot, Greater Iowa Credit Union
2nd Place - Vermeer - Do A Demo Get A Yeti, Lessing-Flynn Advertising
3rd Place - Ghosts of the Gridiron, Greater Iowa Credit Union                     

For entries in the copywriting category, clever copy was like a safari. Each of these creative pieces took audiences on a reading adventure.

Best of Category - Ag Leader Insights Magazine, Lessing-Flynn Advertising
2nd Place  - Makin' Hay Magazine, Lessing-Flynn Advertising
3rd Place - Open Enrollment Survival Kit, ARAG

Direct Marketing
For the entries in the direct marketing category, it was necessary to send out the call of the wild. These compelling campaigns got audiences to roar into action.

Best of Category - A View from the Outside, TMG Financial Services
2nd Place - Open Enrollment Survival Kit, ARAG
3rd Place - Delta Dental Termination Mailing, Delta Dental of Iowa

Integrated Marketing Campaign
Entries in this category understood birds of a feather fly well together. The following campaigns soared by successfully blending several different motifs.

Best of Category - I Switched Campaign, Lessing-Flynn Advertising
2nd Place - Iowa Corn Mobile Education Unit, Lessing-Flynn Advertising
3rd Place - Helena Seed First, Trilix

Interactive Marketing
With interactive marketing, making an effective expedition is key. The use of digital technologies and social platforms in these campaigns successfully drove action.

Best of Category - BFGoodrich Not Your Average Social Campaign, The Integer Group
2nd Place - Vermeer.com Responsive Redesign, Vermeer Corporation
3rd Place - Insane Impact Promotional Video - Principal Charity Classic, Trilix

Marketing Communications
With marketing communications, exploring uncharted territory is a must. These communications journeyed new paths to achieve their goals.

Best of Category - Annuity e-App, Sammons Financial Group
2nd Place - White Paper - How to Stay Seen as Payments Turn Invisible, TMG Financial Services
3rd Place - I Switched Videos, Lessing-Flynn Advertising

Marketing Research
Finalists in the marketing research category are indeed wild about research. The following programs unleashed new strategic insights.

Best of Category - Bankers Trust / On Point Strategies - Customer Research, On Point Strategies
2nd Place - Predictive Modeling for Short-Term Recovery Campaign, Mercer Consumer
3rd Place - Vermeer Dealer Portal Replacement Research, Lessing-Flynn

Nonprofit Marketing
For successful nonprofit marketing campaigns, seeing beyond the forest is key. These campaigns rose to the top of the canopy, quickly surpassing their marketing goals.

Best of Category - Big Data for Nonprofits, B2E Direct Marketing
2nd Place - YESS Duck Derby 2016: What A Duck Can Do, Strategic America
3rd Place - IHYC Rooftop Gardens Name, Logo & Package Design, Meyocks

Public Relations
Public relations professionals know how to let their roars be heard. These hard-to-miss public relations efforts caught media attention in a big way.

Best of Category - #BringDraketoDrake, Drake University
2nd Place - Meyocksgiving, Meyocks
3rd Place - Super Duper, Lessing-Flynn Advertising

Special Event
Special events should lead the pack to a good time. These events made attendees feel like kings and queens of the jungle.

Best of Category - 2016 TMG Summit, TMG
2nd Place - Vermeer National Farm Machinery Show, Lessing-Flynn Advertising
3rd Place - 2016 SHAZAM Forum, SHAZAM Network

People's Choice
Each year, we ask our audience to select the marketing campaign they felt was the best of the best. 

Best of Category - #BringDraketoDrake, Drake University

2017 NOVA Awards Finalists

Click on each thumbnail to learn more about each campaign.

#BringDraketoDrake 2016 SHAZAM Forum       2016 TMG Summit    TMG Financial ServicesA View from the Outside     Sammons Financial Group  Bankers Trust/On Point Strategies  The Integer Group B2E  Delta Dental Greater Iowa Credit Union Greater Iowa Credit Union  Trilix  Lessing-Flynn AdvertisingMeyocks TrilixLessing-Flynn AdvertisingMeyocksARAG MercerLessing-Flynn Advertising Lessing-Flynn AdvertisingVermeer CorporationLessing-Flynn AdvertisingYESS Duck DerbyVermeer Farm Machinery I switched Video

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