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How To Enter

The 2019 NOVA Awards submission period is open through March 18th, good luck to all entrants!

Each entry must be represented in its original format and must have been produced, implemented, or run during the 2018 calendar year by a firm or individual located in Iowa. If the entry was directed by a company, or a branch office of a company, and produced by another entity (agency, production firm, etc.), at least one of those must be located in Iowa.

It is acceptable if the work was created for another geographic market, as long as the entrant clarifies that an Iowa location was involved in its direction or production.

The firm or individual submitting the entry must have been involved in the direction, development, production, and/or implementation of the submitted entry.

Each entry must be prepared according to these guidelines and digital requirements listed below. Any entry that fails to follow these guidelines and the digital requirements are subject to disqualification.

To view a list of the 2019 categories, please follow this link.

Finalists will be notified prior to the NOVA Awards event. All winners from each category will be announced during the event!

Questions? Email novas@amaiowa.com. If you need AMA Iowa’s W-9 form, please contact treasury@amaiowa.com.

Entry Fees

Entry fees must be paid in full with a credit card. Multiple entry fees may be paid together and discounts may apply.

Member Entries:

$30 ($25 for each additional entry)

Use your AMA login credentials or submit each entry as a non-member.
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Non-Member Entries:

$50 ($45 for each additional entry)


Entry Form

* denotes a required field.
Entry Information
Category: *
Entry Title/Description: *
Date of Implementation (first used): *
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Company Name: *
Contact Name: *
Email Address: *
Phone Number (Format:5558883451): *
Street Address: *
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If the entry was produced for a client, other than the entity entering, please provide:
Company Name:  
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Please upload a logo, an image representative of your entry, and any additional files:
For Attachments 1 and 2, please submit files large enough for use in a PowerPoint slide and/or printed materials. The company/firm/organization logo should be a .png file with a transparent background. An image representative of your entry should be a .pdf or .jpg. If additional files are in another format than listed to the right of the field or exceed 200MB, please compress the files in a ZIP file and upload the ZIP archive. You can upload up to 5 files at 200MB per file.

Attachment 1 (Company/Firm/Organization Logo): *
Attachment 2 (Representative Image): *
Attachment 3:  
Attachment 4:  
Attachment 5:  

If this entry becomes a finalist or winner, what entity name (company/firm/organization) would you like engraved or printed on the award?

Entity name to be printed/engraved: *
Purchase additional finalist or winner awards? (if applicable): *
$50.00 each; billed separately.  
If yes, how many additional awards would you like?:  
Supportive Materials

Judges score Strategy, Tactics and Results on a 1 to 10 scale. Results will be given triple weight. The entry with the highest number of points is the winner in that category.

Objectives: *
Clearly describe the situation and the objectives you set out to accomplish with this particular project. The objective should be measurable or be clear enough to determine how well the objectives were achieved.  
Strategy: *
What was the strategy for achieving the objectives?  
Tactics: *
What were the individual tactics involved in carrying out the strategy?  
Results (Triple Weighted): *
What results did you achieve and how did you measure them? Carefully tie your results back to your objectives. If results were different than your objectives, explain why. Also include any unplanned events that may have directly affected your results.  
Project Summary: *
Please write a short summary (maximum four sentences) that captures the essence of your submission. This brief synopsis will be used during the awards presentation and should only include information that can be said publicly about the company/entry, should it win an award.  
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