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NOVA Project Awards

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Marketing is not only a science but an artform. We’re looking for the most clever, creative, data and technology-driven, beautiful marketing initiatives from the past twelve months.

Entries can be submitted on our new awards application site!

NOVA Project Award Categories


Recognizes communications intended to persuade target audiences to take action or to increase target audience’s awareness of a product, service, event or idea. Messages are paid for by sponsors and delivered through traditional or new media.


Recognizes clear implementation of a client’s voice in logo development, brand guidelines, messaging, persona development — even audio branding! If you were bold with branding last year, we want to see it.


Recognizes the spectrum of skills that copywriters offer to paint ideas, products and services in a compelling and memorable way. Has your copy elevated a phrase to Andy Warhol status, either internally or externally?

Data Analytics & Marketing Research

Recognizes exceptional transformation of data used to drive leads and produce results. Also includes qualitative and quantitative research programs – planning, execution and results – that have provided new insights used to develop strategies and achieve goals. Entries can include internal and external audience research.

Digital Marketing

Recognizes effective use of digital technologies and social platforms to reach audiences and influence and drive action. Entries can include email, ads, social platforms, blogs, podcasts and more.

Direct Marketing

Recognizes marketing communications sent directly to prospects focused on driving a specific call-to-action. Entries can be campaigns or single initiatives. This category includes both B2B and B2C direct marketing.

Integrated Marketing Campaign

Recognizes a continuum in a marketing campaign. Entries should include a complete strategy utilizing at least three motifs in a marketing tactic.

Marketing Communications

Recognizes communications developed to support sales and/or increase awareness of a product, service or idea. Entries can include white papers, presentations, annual reports, brochures, magazines, newsletters, videos, podcasts and more.

MarTech (Marketing Technology)

Recognizes the use of MarTech strategy or tech stack deployment where organizations have increased their investment to significantly accelerate or upgrade their tech stack, resulting in more effective marketing. The entries should explain the limitations or challenges with the pre-existing martech infrastructure and how the new application of technology correlated with their business objectives. Please include an outline of the plan, the challenges faced along the way, and demonstrate the composition of the new stack, as well as the impact it has had on the organization's marketing strategy.

Non-Profit Marketing

Recognizes exemplary marketing programs intended to change behavior, grow membership, increase awareness, raise funds or generate support. Eligible entries include individual components or comprehensive programs which benefit 501(c)3 organizations.

Public Relations

Recognizes all elements of public relations efforts intended to gain earned media and increase awareness of a product, service, initiative or idea. Entries can be comprehensive PR campaigns, individual PR campaign components (media kit: traditional, electronic and video submissions), or PR events (media conferences and planned events - digital counts too!).

Small Budget Campaign

Recognizes an outstanding marketing campaign by a company that spent less than $10,000. How innovative did you get with your limited marketing dollars? Entries can include any type of campaign or channel as long as it cost less than $10,000.

Special Event

Recognizes the role of special events (conference, trade show, workshop, customer program or member program) in meeting marketing goals. Digital executions count too!


Recognizes cutting-edge videos that make use of eye-catching visuals, testimonials, compelling voiceover, you name it! Entries may include product videos, tutorials, case studies, commercials, 360° video and more.


Recognizes innovative use of the web, including website development and design, app development, landing pages, killer SEO, etc. — from strategy to execution.

Entry Fees

Entry fees must be paid in full using a credit card. Multiple entry fees may be paid together. Discounts may apply.

Member: $50

Non-Member: $65

How to Enter

The submission period is open through March 22, 2022. Good luck to all entrants!


Each entry must be presented as it was originally created and must have been produced, implemented or executed between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021 by a firm or individual located in Iowa in order to be eligible.

If the entry was directed by a company or a branch office of a company and produced by another entity (agency, production firm, etc.), at least one entity must be located in Iowa.

Work is acceptable if it was created for another geographic market, as long as the entrant clarifies that an Iowa location was involved in its direction or production.

The firm or individual submitting the entry must have been involved in the direction, development, production, and/or implementation of the submitted entry.

You may enter under multiple categories, but you must submit a separate entry form and entry fee for each entry.

Any entry that fails to follow these guidelines and the digital requirements is subject to disqualification.

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NOVA Award Judging Criteria

The 2022 NOVA Awards committee sets all judging criteria and validates the finalists and winners selected by the award judges. A panel of marketing professionals from an AMA chapter outside of Iowa will serve as the judges. The judges make all decisions regarding eligibility, finalists, and winners.

Judges score Objectives, Strategy, Tactics and Results on a 1-to-10 scale, with results weighted the most. The entry with the highest number of points is the winner in that category. The judging committee may move an entry to a different category and/or divide or merge categories as it deems appropriate.

Entries become the property of AMA Iowa and will not be returned. No entry fee will be refunded due to an entry’s disqualification nor after the entries are judged.

Finalist Notification

Up to three award winners will be chosen in each of the categories at the discretion of the award judges. If no entries meet the set minimum requirements in a category, no award will be given. The decisions of the judges are final.

Finalists will be notified prior to the NOVA Awards event. Winners from each category will be announced during the event!

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