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Digital Marketing Coordinator

Company: Webspec

Full time
Urbandale, IA


A Digital Marketing Coordinator at Webspec forms the foundation of the digital marketing team, providing support for all roles, executing important tasks that help carry out the strategic business goals for each ongoing marketing client, and working with creative teams to advise on content marketing strategy for websites or marketing campaigns. Coordinators will build on existing skill sets and learn the foundation of all marketing channels, allowing them to diversify and discover which they are most passionate about.


  • Utilizing strong communication skills skills, especially technical writing, and email communication
  • Demonstrating a basic knowledge of technical SEO best practices and is comfortable executing these with supervision/direction from Account Leads or Strategists as needed
  • Demonstrating a basic knowledge of various social media platforms and their advertising capabilities
  • Working towards advanced certifications in Google Ads, Analytics, and social media training
  • Collaborating with other team members to execute tasks and deliverables for each client campaign on a monthly basis
  • Receiving direction from Account Leads on the digital marketing strategy for each client account, and assists in carrying out these long term strategies
  • Generating monthly reports for assigned client accounts based on their target metrics, KPIs, and goals
  • Meeting with Strategist(s) and Account Lead(s) on assigned client accounts to break down reports each month, review progress, and re-establish goals for the client


Zero-12 months experience in Digital Marketing or web industry

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