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AMA Iowa Board Mentorship Program

Whether you're new to the field or planning your next career mover, mentorship is a valuable asset for any marketing professional! Through the AMA Iowa mentorship program, members are paired as mentors and mentees based on experience, schedule, skills, and passions. With the guidance of the membership team at AMA Iowa, members choose how and when to connect. From mentorship for new professionals to purpose for seasoned professionals to camaraderie for the professionals in between; with a quick application, members are matched at no charge with other members. 

Please complete the top questions for all applicants and then finalize your application with the student questionnaire or below the professional questionnaire. 


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Student Questionnaire
Please answer the following questions if you are currently a student. Skip to the professional questions if currently working.
Year in School:  
What interests you most about the marketing field?:  
What has been your most valuable accomplishment in school?:  
What is your dream job?:  
What would you like to learn from your mentor?:  

Professional Questionnaire
Please answer the following questions if you are currently working.
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Describe your role and responsibilities at work:  
What is a valuable accomplishment in your career?:  
Where did you start in your career?:  
Where do you see your next steps in your career?:  
What would you want to learn from a mentor?:  
What is a valuable lesson that you learned in your career?:  
How confident are you as a marketing professional? (scale of 1-10):  
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