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Jarrod Sutton


Jarrod Sutton

Chief Strategy Officer
National Pork Board


Passionate, energetic, and strategic foodie; hard-working Indiana farm kid; English-geek-turned-business-strategist/analyst; lifelong learner. As the Chief Strategy Officer, I am responsible for reinventing and redesigning strategy to generate value for pork producers, processors, and customers, and to create an overall competitive advantage that drives global growth for the U.S. pork industry. I lead the National Pork Board’s efforts to identify novel problems and solutions by weaving together coherent sets of interdependent processes and structures, synthesizing ideas into business concepts and designs, and pursuing external alliances to support rapid prototyping. I am responsible for clarifying objectives and priorities for the National Pork Board and helping focus efforts around them. Data analytics, brand strategy, digital channels, stakeholder engagement, new technology, product development, sustainability…My team is at the epicenter of the >$100 billion dollar U.S. pork industry, driving the strategy to build trust in America's pork producers and add value to the entire U.S. pork value chain by meeting the needs of consumers, customers, brands, and farmers.

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