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NOVA Awards

16th Annual AMA Iowa NOVA Awards

Each year, the marketing competition among brands from all areas of Iowa’s business and marketing industry continues to grow and get more creative. 2020’s circus of a year definitely brought with it some unique challenges in our marketing world! With that, the 16th annual AMA Iowa NOVA Awards will celebrate the taming of strategies, juggling of deliverables and most gravity-defying marketing acrobatics of the past year!

Ladies and Gentleman, get ready for The Greatest Show of Marketing: NOVA XVI

Stay tuned for details on the schedule and registration for attendance.

2021 NOVA Entries 

This past circus of a year made us all the ringmaster of our own marketing campaigns! Submit your company’s most impressive projects from 2020.

The entry submission period ends on March 19, 2021. Good luck to all entrants!

Project Award Entries

Marketing Achievement Award Entries


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