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(Virtual) Intentional Evolution: How We Can Impact The Five Pillars of Every Organization

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Event Type: Open to members and non-members
Registration: Required
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Member $15.00
Student $15.00
Guest $20.00
Non-Member $20.00
Last Day to Register: Tuesday, May 12, 2020
Time: Wednesday, May 13, 2020 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Event Description:

We will be hosting this event via Zoom. Please watch your e-mail for the Zoom meeting URL and password to join. 

Every attendee of this event will be receiving two free ebooks. The first is a manifesto titled, “The Call To Innovate” by Tom Triumph; and the other…. a surprise (highly regarded non-fiction book by a famous author who’s given permission to provide to you)!

Speaker: Thomas Triumph, Speaker | Consultant | Author

Announcements and Speaker Presentation: 12-1 p.m.

Intentional Evolution: How We Can Impact The Five Pillars of Every Organization

Presentation Description:

There is real opportunity for marketers and innovators to impact every aspect of an organization. In this informative and engaging webinar, Tom Triumph covers the five fundamental pillars of every organization and, using real-world stories (and some fun challenges involving the audience along the way) discusses how we as creative marketers can impact the entire organization. 


  • Understand how Intentional Evolution leads to success
  • Learn what NASA taught us about our creative genius
  • Identify areas in your company where you can compound improvement
  • Change your perception of the difficulties you encounter in your work and life
  • Learn what a widowed neighbor taught Steve Jobs

‚ÄčSpeaker Biography:

Tom Triumph

Thomas Triumph helps companies grow by collaboratively helping them reinvent their business, product development, and marketing. Along the way he’s helped large Fortune 500 organizations act nimbly and small entrepreneurial companies scale. He’s been a participant in two global technology revolutions—and has been part of some remarkable success stories (and some misfires), and he’s the author of the book Evolve or Die: Lessons for World-Class Innovation & Creativity.

Tom fulfilled a childhood dream of living aboard an ocean research ship and tending to the mini-sub (Cousteau was on the Board), wrestled in the Olympic trials, and helped oversee the design and fabrication of the largest composite hovercraft ever built in the US. He resides in North Carolina and is an ultrarunner who envies Tom Hanks’ long run as Forrest Gump.

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