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Little Things Make the Biggest Difference - How To Drive Customer Loyalty and Advocacy

Presentation: Little Things Make the Biggest Difference - How To Drive Customer Loyalty and Advocay

In customer experience, there is no such thing as meeting expectations. You either exceed expectations, or you fall short. According to an IBM study, more than three out of four customers expect organizations to understand their individual needs. Some call this the Amazon Effect. calls this info-sense, which is using data to understand and meet the individual, personalized needs of your customer.

Jack Welch said there are two forms of competitive advantage: Learning more about your customers and putting it into action faster than your competition. Are you turning big data into useful data? Are you leveraging analytics to improve the customer journey?

Evan Carroll, co-author of Blue Goldfish, will uncover how companies are using data, analytics and technology to create world-class customer experiences. You'll leave with a full toolbox of strategies, tactics and practical advice to improve your customer experience and ultimately your bottom line.

Bonus Workshop - Think Outside The Bowl: Bringing Purple Goldfish Strategy to Your Organization
Based on the Purple Goldfish Series of books, this workshop challenges attendees to think differently about their customers and employees and do the little things that make a big difference in customer experience. Creating change, however, is an uphill battle and not knowing how to start can stop even the best companies from moving forward. That ends here.

In this workshop, co-author Evan Carroll will reveal the ways companies are using little things to improve customer experience and leave you with the tools to implement customer experience programs in your company.

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