2021 NOVA Award Results

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AMA Iowa is proud to announce the award winners in each of the following categories:


Recognizes communications intended to persuade target audiences to take action or to increase target audience’s awareness of a product, service, event or idea. Messages are paid for by sponsors and delivered through traditional or new media.

Best of Category - Athene 2020 Recruiting Campaign
2nd Place - Pivot Bio - Nitrogen's Turning Point Brand Campaign
3rd Place - Bank Iowa


Recognizes clear implementation of a client’s voice in logo development, brand guidelines, messaging, persona development — even audio branding! If you were bold with branding last year, we want to see it. 

Best of Category - Fajen Consulting | MarketLogic
2nd Place - Bank Iowa
3rd Place - New Tribe Media

Data Analytics & Marketing Research

Recognizes exceptional transformation of data used to drive leads and produce results. Also includes qualitative and quantitative research programs – planning, execution and results – that have provided new insights used to develop strategies and achieve goals. Entries can include internal and external audience research.

Best of Category - Sammons Financial Group
2nd Place - At Home Meat Pulse Tracker
3rd Place - Family Behaviors Research

Digital Marketing

Recognizes effective use of digital technologies and social platforms to reach audiences and influence and drive action. Entries can include email, ads, social platforms, blogs, podcasts and more.

Best of Category - Bank Iowa
2nd Place - YouTube Creator Partnerships
3rd Place - Sabor Season

Direct Marketing

Recognizes marketing communications sent directly to prospects focused on driving a specific call-to-action. Entries can be campaigns or single initiatives. This category includes both B2B and B2C direct marketing.

Best of Category - Bacon is for "Blursday"
2nd Place - Lely North America's Virtual Prospect Event Coffee Invite
3rd Place - Home-Based Learning

Integrated Marketing Campaign

Recognizes a continuum in a marketing campaign. Entries should include a complete strategy utilizing at least three motifs in a marketing tactic.

Best of Category - Nexos Intelligent Disinfection Launch
2nd Place - Sammons Financial Group
3rd Place - Bank Iowa

Marketing Communications

Recognizes communications developed to support sales and/or increase awareness of a product, service or idea. Entries can include white papers, presentations, annual reports, brochures, magazines, newsletters, videos, podcasts and more.

Best of Category - Menu Urbano
2nd Place - Powerful Pairings
3rd Place -  Bacon is for "Blursday"

Non-Profit Marketing

Recognizes exemplary marketing programs intended to change behavior, grow membership, increase awareness, raise funds or generate support. Eligible entries include individual components or comprehensive programs which benefit 501(c)3 organizations.

Best of Category - Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines
2nd Place - New Tribe Media
3rd Place -  Bank Iowa

Public Relations

Recognizes all elements of public relations efforts intended to gain earned media and increase awareness of a product, service, initiative or idea. Entries can be comprehensive PR campaigns, individual PR campaign components (media kit: traditional, electronic and video submissions), or PR events (media conferences and planned events - digital counts too!).

Best of Category - F&G
2nd Place - Delta Dental of Iowa
3rd Place -  Bank Iowa

Small Budget Campaign

Recognizes an outstanding marketing campaign by a company that spent less than $10,000. How innovative did you get with your limited marketing dollars? Entries can include any type of campaign or channel as long as it cost less than $10,000.

Best of Category - Fajen Consulting for Above + Beyond Cancer
2nd Place - Home-Based Learning

Special Event

Recognizes the role of special events (conference, trade show, workshop, customer program or member program) in meeting marketing goals. Digital executions count too!

Best of Category - National Grilling Day
2nd Place - Bank Iowa
3rd Place -  Delta Dental of Iowa


Recognizes cutting-edge videos that make use of eye-catching visuals, testimonials, compelling voiceover, you name it! Entries may include product videos, tutorials, case studies, commercials, 360° video and more.

Best of Category - New Tribe Media
2nd Place - Ivy College of Business Marketing and Communications Team
3rd Place -  Iowa State University Office of Admissions and ZLR Ignition


Recognizes innovative use of the web, including website development and design, app development, landing pages, killer SEO, etc. — from strategy to execution.

Best of Category - Association of Boards of Certification
2nd Place - Bank Iowa
3rd Place -  Webspec

Marketer of the Year

Which of your marketing cohorts made their mark on the marketing scene last year? Whether they pulled off an outlandish pitch to leadership, went above and beyond on volunteering in the marketing field or traveled last-minute across the state for a client, we want to hear about it! Marketer of the Year recognizes those who do the most every single day to meet goals and make waves in the industry.

Chris Jones

Agency of the Year

What makes your agency the apple of your eye? Is it the kick-butt culture? The super talented staff? The award-winning work? Psh, all of the above! Nominate your agency for Agency of the Year and celebrate what makes your team the top. Open to all marketing, advertising, digital and PR agencies in Iowa. Freelancers, too!

AKC Marketing

Marketing Department of the Year

Do you work in the best corporate marketing department in the state? From crafty campaigns to killer customer communications, how did your team leverage your brand this

National Pork Board Domestic Marketing Team

People’s Choice

Bank Iowa for their "Let's Make It Happen" campaign


Email [email protected]. You can also download the AMA’s W-9 Form here.

AMA Iowa appreciates all 2021 sponsors and Iowa companies who submitted a marketing campaign. We look forward to hosting the 2022 NOVA Awards and thank the community for helping celebrate excellence in Iowa. More details about the NOVA Awards can be found here.