Features Your Homepage Should Include

Features Your Homepage Should Include


Your homepage is a vital tool for your business and often serves as a first impression to potential customers. While there are many important components of effective web design, the core of a website is its content. Within a matter of seconds, your homepage should introduce your product or service and entice visitors to explore further. Make sure you include these 8 key content features on your homepage to do just that!


By Vanessa Van Gorp

Vanessa Van Gorp is a graphic designer at Global Reach Internet Productions. Her work consists of the start-to-finish website design process, including everything from initial client meetings to perfecting all details of the website for launch. She also creates graphics and images to be utilized on the web and occasionally designs print materials. Visit the Global Reach website to learn more about their products and services.

About Global Reach Internet Productions

Global Reach was founded in 1995 and since then, it has become a leader in content management solutions and custom web development. In addition, Global Reach provides a number of interrelated services such as internet marketing, graphic design, hosting and IT support.

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