Video Marketing Strategies & Tips for a Successful 2018

Video Marketing Strategies & Tips for a Successful 2018


The Best Video Marketing Strategies and Tips for Social Media

Utilizing videos in digital marketing to capture the attention of your target audience is the new normal. We have seen videos become more important on social media year over year, and if you have not already jumped on board, you will soon be left behind. It may seem difficult to dive into at first, but developing an effective video marketing strategy will pay off. Discover what video can do for your business and how a small time investment can pay off in big ways for your brand.

Why is Video Advertising Important for Your Business?

Video marketing gives businesses the opportunity to communicate with their audience in an engaging way. It can be used for the purpose of displaying valuable information, showing a step-by-step process, featuring company culture and much more. Marketing videos are also great material to repurpose for the future. You can reuse videos that are still relevant or shorten a long video into smaller segments and socialize the information separately.

Videos allow you to make a more personal connection while keeping users entertained and engaged longer. It’s not surprising that consumers are more interested in video advertising since video content is visual and easy for users to absorb and understand. For example, cooking videos have become increasingly popular because it’s easier for many people to watch and follow along with a video rather than simply read from a recipe. It has all the same information, but a video is more engaging because it is visual, and you can see the correct cooking techniques. One way businesses can use video marketing to stand out is by creating recruitment videos. Showing people your work environment, fun company outings or traditions and the great people the applicant will potentially be working with is sure to garner more applicants than a typical social post.

When creating marketing videos, it’s critical to consider your business’s target audience. Video advertising is proven to be more engaging, but it’s especially important if you’re targeting the 18 to 33-year-old age group. Millennials can be very choosy about what they spend time on, so the best way to catch their attention is through video marketing and authentic content. Even if your preferred customers are older than 33, taking the time to create quality marketing videos could benefit any business. No matter your audience’s age, videos will stand out in the sea of social posts and images. .

Videos Rank Higher in Social Algorithms

One of the most important reasons businesses should be investing in video advertising is because social algorithms favor videos over regular social posts. We’ve noticed on our own digital marketing campaigns that videos perform much better than static images, even when they have similar messages. We often see more impressions, clicks and reactions on videos compared to posts with images. This should be a big incentive to start incorporating marketing videos into your social media plan, if you aren’t already, so you’re not left behind.

Video Advertising on Social Media

It seems like every social media platform has rolled out some sort of video option for their users in order to keep up with growing demand. We’re going to focus on a couple of the most significant social video platforms for businesses: Facebook and YouTube.

Video on Facebook

Consumers of all ages use Facebook on a daily basis, so this is the perfect platform for businesses to release videos. Luckily, Facebook gives marketers plenty of options when it comes to video advertising. From Facebook Live to embedding a YouTube video on Facebook, each video advertising method should be used for unique goals and produces different results.

According to their algorithms, Facebook Live is the highest ranked form of video on their social platform. If you’re ready to deliver your message to a real-time audience, this would be a great option for your business. However, not being able to edit your content might lead to mistakes or mishaps. It’s important to remember that if you choose to utilize Facebook Live, it should not be a quick decision. Facebook Live requires planning and organization to be effective, and it helps to let your audience know when you’ll be going live ahead of time so they can tune in.

When you’re posting a video on Facebook, your options are to upload it directly to Facebook as a native video or embed a YouTube video. Obviously, the social media giant wants you to upload your content straight to their network, and Facebook’s social algorithm reflects that by ranking YouTube videos lower than native videos.

When Facebook decides the rank between marketing videos, another key factor they review is the “percent completion” rate. This is the percentage of time a viewer watches the video before they keep scrolling. It’s important to engage users right away with useful information, so they keep watching your marketing videos. Facebook has also noted that longer videos with the same completion percentage as shorter videos will rank above them since longer videos have a greater time commitment.

YouTube Online Video Marketing

Although it sounds like videos on Facebook dominate the video marketing sphere, 85 percent of digital marketers publish videos to YouTube, and uploading videos on Facebook is preferred by only 11 percent. This could be because YouTube was the original source of video long before video advertising was in demand.

This channel also has the power of search on its side; YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. As an SEO-first digital marketing agency, we know that effective search engine optimization can help more consumers find your content and lead to exponential growth for businesses.

YouTube also offers extensive online video marketing metrics so you can measure the performance of your most popular videos. Their analytics give you valuable insights on your audience’s interests and demographics; you can track audience engagement and retention, where viewers tend to lose interest in the video, the age range of your viewers and much more.

Best Video Marketing Strategy Tips

Create a Mission Statement

It’s crucial that each video has its own central theme and a goal. When you are planning a video, determine what you want viewers to learn and what action you want viewers to take next. This will help you create a video that meets your goals.

Decide the Best Way to Convey Your Message

Successful video marketing strategies include appealing to the viewers’ emotions to hook them on a product or service or conveying a story to convince someone they’d enjoy the same experience. For example, the informative how-tos or informational marketing videos would fall into these strategies.

Get to the Point

Consumers will only give you so much time before they decide if you’re worth listening to. If you take too long to deliver the message, social media users may just keep scrolling. Capturing your audience’s attention within the first three seconds is ideal, according to Buffer Social.

Quality Over Quantity

A successful marketing video will take time to plan and execute. Delivering a valuable video once a month or every two months is much more effective than releasing a short video every week if there’s no message or purpose behind it. To ensure Blue Compass creates quality videos, we follow an efficient video production schedule:

  1. Create a video strategy to guide the content of the video and determine the target audience.
  2. Determine a location to shoot the video and choose a qualified person to be featured in the video advertising campaign.
  3. Finalize a script, and give it to the leading character in advance.
  4. Test the lighting on the scene before the day of filming.
  5. Shoot the video with multiple camera angles to capture the best shot.
  6. Edit the video to align with the strategy and convey helpful information about the company, product or service you’re promoting.
  7. Post the final piece on social media channels and on the company’s website to gain as many quality views as possible.

Video Length

Even though you want to provide as much information to your viewers as possible, don’t feel like your videos need to be lengthy to be successful. Sometimes shorter is better so you can get your points across without users dropping off before you finish.

Include a Call to Action

Don’t forget the purpose behind video marketing is to engage your audience and get them to convert. Whether you add a link to your website in the post or the video, it’s beneficial for businesses to ask the viewer to take action.

Commit to Video Marketing or Face the Consequences

Video advertising isn’t going anywhere, and businesses need to get on board or risk being left behind. If you still have questions about creating a successful video marketing strategy, contact Blue Compass! Our team of digital marketing experts is ready to help with your company’s video marketing needs.



Author bio: Mallory Cates is a Digital Marketing Associate at Blue Compass. She recently graduated from Iowa State University with a background in Marketing and Management and continuously implements search engine optimization tactics and social media marketing campaigns while working with industry experts.

Mallory enjoys applying the latest digital marketing strategies to help our clients and uses content marketing and social media to give customers helpful information about their products or services.

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