Marketing Technology Stacks

Marketing Technology Stacks


This year’s AMA Iowa Experience was full of great collaboration. One of the sessions that contributed to that collaboration was from martech expert Mollie Bodensteiner, who led a discussion on marketing technology stacks. Participants shared examples of tech stacks that they’re currently using, and we wanted to share those with those who participated - and those who didn’t!

The list below was pulled from what was collected during the conference. We had a ton of submissions, but to clean up the list for this post, we did a few things:

  • If we couldn’t read your handwriting, it’s not here.
  • Generic mentions (i.e. blog, social media, or analytics) aren’t listed, only specific software solutions.
  • To make sure we were providing options that were open to the public (versus internal systems) we’re only including options that we were able to find via a Google search.

Keep in mind that some items may be listed in different categories, depending on how people may use it. We hope you find some new gems to supplement your marketing programs!





Advertising & Promotion


Content & Experience


Commerce & Sales


Social & Relationships


If you joined us at AMA Iowa Experience this year, thank you for your contributions.

Feel like we’re missing something? Comment below!


02/26/2018 4:15 PM |Add a comment |Comments (1)
Thank you for capturing and sharing the information - and so quickly. Good stuff.

Christy Gooding | | 02/27/2018 7:50 AM
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