Everything You Need to Know About the New Facebook Algorithm

Everything You Need to Know About the New Facebook Algorithm


In January, Mark Zuckerberg announced that his company would be making updates to the Facebook algorithm which would effect the Facebook news feed. After a couple of months to take in all the changes, there are a few things businesses should know about the new Facebook.

Why Is the Facebook Algorithm Changing?

In Zuckerberg’s announcement about the new Facebook update, he emphasized that their company was not giving people what they expected and what they originally came to Facebook for.

The social media giant realized users thought the platform was too cluttered. Whether that was because of frequent news articles, advertisements or too many videos, Facebook noticed users had to spend more time on the app to see what they actually wanted to see while bypassing the things they didn’t care about as much.

A Closer Look at the Updated Facebook News Feed

Users’ dissatisfaction led Facebook to turn back to their core values of being a social media outlet that people use to connect with friends and family. Facebook wanted to focus on personal moments that lead to connections and a better customer experience. Now, the Facebook algorithm will calculate what shows up on your feed based on what they think will spark a meaningful conversation between users.

With this Facebook update, the people that you interact with the most on this platform will rise to the top of your Facebook news feed. Interactions count as comments, likes, shares, reactions, etc. that show you’re making an effort to connect. You can customize feeds even further by asking the Facebook algorithm to “Hide” certain content or choosing “See First” for users you enjoy most. As a business, asking your followers to set your brand as a priority with the “See First” option would give you a higher chance of visibility in their Facebook news feed.

Overall, this new Facebook algorithm shows they want to please people more than organizations and place high value on conversations and interactions. Although their team expects people to spend less time on their social media platform, they believe it’s for the best to provide a quality user experience for the average social media user.

What This Facebook Update Means for Businesses

Businesses and news accounts are taking the biggest hit on the Facebook algorithm update. Zuckerberg admits that “you’ll see less public content” from businesses and media outlets, which means it’s even more difficult for businesses to make the cut on users’ news feeds.

Many large corporations have expressed backlash about the Facebook algorithm change since the money businesses spend on the social platform to be visible to their followers is already quite significant. The ad budget a company needs to spend to appear on the Facebook news feed is only expected to increase with this update. However, the social media giant probably won’t be seeing too much of an overall increase since many organizations are backing out of Facebook completely in protest of the update.

Besides spending more on Facebook ads, businesses can keep posting quality content that engages users and try to use Facebook live videos since these still have a high ranking factor in the Facebook algorithm. If you’re having trouble adjusting to the new Facebook update, contact the social media specialists at Blue Compass! Our team will work out a plan to keep you top of mind with your customers.


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Mallory Cates is a Digital Marketing Associate at Blue Compass. She recently graduated from Iowa State University with a background in Marketing and Management and continuously implements search engine optimization tactics and social media marketing campaigns while working with industry experts.

Mallory enjoys applying the latest digital marketing strategies to help our clients and uses content marketing and social media to give customers helpful information about their products or services.

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