2019 AMA Experience Speaker: Crystal Olig

2019 AMA Experience Speaker: Crystal Olig


Crystal Olig is a digital strategist who focuses on creating data-driven marketing and lead generation programs for clients using paid and digital media, including text, display and video advertising on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. With nearly 15 years of digital experience for marketing agencies and in-house marketing departments, she is an expert in creating excellent user experiences through websites, apps, marketing automation and email marketing tools. She leads Lessing-Flynn’s team of digital and media specialists, and when not chillin’ with the Flynnies, she can be found tooling around Johnston with her two little boys and yellow lab in tow.

I’m excited to share my digitally-focused expertise at this year’s AMA Experience Event with my presentation “Your Website Might Be a Slacker… How to know if it’s working hard enough for you.” Your website never sleeps, but is it a little lazy? We’ll talk about how to use data and clear information architecture to drive a greater understanding of your customers, capture sales leads and create an engaging user experience — making it one lean, mean, conversion machine.

You’ll leave with new ideas on ways to grow results from the web and more including:

  • Key insights to look for in Google Analytics
  • Inexpensive tools you can easily try out on your own site
  • Tips for information architecture cleanup
  • Ways to convince key stakeholders that not everything has to go on the homepage

Join us for the 2019 AMA Iowa Experience event on February 22, 2019 at the Hilton Garden Inn in West Des Moines. Meet Crystal and listen in on other speakers to get you moving ahead in the marketing world! Register here.

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