The Anonymous Website Visitor

The Anonymous Website Visitor


The Anonymous Website Visitor

By Keith Snow, President, B2E Data Marketing

Who is visiting your website?

It may seem like a simple question, but for many marketers, website visitors remain elusive. Unable to be identified beyond device type, region and site behavior, the anonymous website visitor could be your next big sale.

Marketing dollars are being spent on search engine optimization and landing page development; campaigns that will drive traffic to the website. In fact, according to Hubspot, 54% of marketers say their top marketing priority in 2019 is growing website traffic. If you’re putting your budget dollars into the website, company leaders will expect ROI. Understanding who is visiting the website now becomes even more impactful, as we all know campaign attribution can be tricky when visitors remain anonymous.

A website is a goldmine for qualified leads. Each visitor to your web domain is there for a reason. Perhaps your link popped up in a web search, or someone referred them, or they saw your booth at a tradeshow. No matter how they found the site, the reason they are there is more important. It could be they are researching options as an in-market prospect.

Pull off the mask.

In today’s marketing environment, anonymous website visitors do not need to remain unknown. Services can collect visitor IP addresses and match them to home addresses. With a simple data append, you can gain additional segmentation information about the web prospect, including their age, income or occupation.

Over time, this additional information about the website visitors can assist you in creating segmentation profiles and optimizing your website for the information visitors are seeking. Who is in the market for your company’s products and services? Visitor segments can help you uncover new learnings about a potentially viable market segment that may have been ignored in your original website design.

Don’t go so fast.

Anonymous website visitors likely want to stay anonymous, however, once the IP addresses are collected, a host of other re-targeting marketing activities can follow. Online digital ads can be targeted to specific IP addresses, so they are reminded of your brand on other websites they visit as well. This consistent drip of brand messaging is sure to keep your products top-of-mind. Additionally, if you prefer direct mail campaigns to follow up, IP addresses can be matched to home addresses to complete this type of campaign as well.

Websites are a huge investment for any marketer, so ensure you are getting the most from your resources. Don’t let anonymous website visitors walk away.

About the author: With over 30 years of Marketing and Technology experience, Keith develops programs and provides business leadership for data marketing, insights, analytics and strategy for B2E clients. Over his career, he has served in the U.S. Army Reserves, been an Applications Developer, Systems Analyst and Marketing Database Director before starting B2E Data Marketing in 2003.

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