NOVA Award Winning Case Study: Bird's Eye View

NOVA Award Winning Case Study: Bird's Eye View


2019 Award Winner Interactive Marketing — Bank Iowa

As a community bank proudly serving 22 towns throughout the state o​​​​​​​f Io​​​​​​​wa, ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Bank Iowa was challenged with ways to demonstrate the same sense of pride local residents h​​​​​​​ave for their communities on our social media channels. Bird’s Eye View focused on building a closer relationship with each community through a social media campaign that included a contest and aerial drone footage of each of the towns served by the bank. 


Many of the towns Bank Iowa serves are small, some with populations as low as 421, so Bank Iowa set a goal of 3,000 views per video.


Not only did Bank Iowa want to highlight the unique communities we are a part of, we also wanted to involve our clients. Prior to each full Bird’s Eye View video, a short teaser video was posted with the opportunity for people to guess which town it was. Those that guessed correctly were entered into a chance to win a $50 gift card that we purchased from one of our local clients in that community. This was a way to show support to those that ​​​​​​​choose to do business with us and also increase the engagement on our social media.


At the time of the entry period, The Bird’s Eye View campaign had garnered an average of 5,200 views per video with the most being 12,000 views for the video about the town of Essex, Iowa, a town of almost 900 people. The contests were successful as there were 30 or more participants guessing each location on each contest post. The highest amount of engagement for the social media contest was for the town of New Hampton with over 280 comments. In terms of likes or shares, almost every post had over 100 likes and over 80 comments.

In addition to showcasing the pride that we have to be a part of these communities, we wanted to give back. Following the social media contest and posting of the full Bird’s Eye View video for each town, a direct mail piece was sent to the local chamber of commerce. The piece included a flash drive with the raw aerial footage as well as the Bank Iowa branded video that is found on our social media channels. This campaign helped Bank Iowa create communication and partnerships with each town’s chamber of commerce. Our videos were circulated through other social media channels, seen playing on loop on TV screens throughout the town, and on B-roll for local newspapers and TV stations.

Looking back, this campaign proved to be a great way to engage our markets on a local level in a way that promoted Bank Iowa, our clients, and our communities collectively. You can visit Bank Iowa’s online presence here.

About Bank Iowa

With more than $1.3 billion in assets, Bank Iowa ranks as one of the leading independent ag banks and the second-largest family-owned bank in the state. Farmers, families and businesses access Bank Iowa’s products and services through 25 locations in 22 communities, as well as online and on mobile devices. To learn more, visit Member FDIC.

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